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We are honored to be fiscally sponsored by, and selected as one of the James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation's 2020 Global Leadership Projects. 


...as we cross the United States and show the world how we can solve some of the biggest problems of our time, with one simple thing: Water.  


Everybody has a water story and every body of water is listening for you.

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Our Mission

With education, contribution, and a bit of magic, we solve real peoples real problems, right now, simply, with our world’s greatest resource; Water. 


In an eco friendly (converted engine, electrical, and water system) 1972 Dodge Travco, Leslie Gabriel (founder of Water Celebration Foundation) will travel the country bringing attention to issues of water, inspiring and educating people, and impacting lives along the way. 


This will become a 10 episode Docu-Series showing how we can solve some of the biggest problems of our time, with Water.  In each episode we meet with a new important water leader;  including native peoples, cultural leaders, inventors, health and wellness professionals, students, artists, spiritual leaders, environmentalists and many others doing extraordinary things to show us the true nature and value of H2O. Along the way we will highlighting communities and people that have won huge water related victories. 

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*all donations are tax deductible

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